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Why do we only offer a 2 hour session as a minimum?

Every lesson needs to begin with a recap of the previous lesson, a understanding of the task at hand for the lesson or briefing and a suitable target set to achieve, this often takes 15 minutes.

At the end of the lesson, a reflection of the lesson to ensure learning has occured, understanding what we need to continue to work on next time, again, this often takes 15 minutes.

This is a process that’s encouraged to be used by the DVSA, in fact, a instructor can fail their instructor ability test if they fail to do this.

This only leaves us with 30 minutes to go to a suitable practice area, learn or practice what we need to do before heading back home.

As lessons develop, the need to drive to locations further away increase, especially when discovering more difficult junctions used for a driving test.

We like to use your time to maximise your learning potential to its fullest.

A pupil will always make more progress on a 2 hour session than they will on 2 1 hour sessions.

Our prices are competitive and in line with others. Our instructors work very hard to help you realise your potential and will push you as hard as you can handle, or go as slowly as you need.