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Learn to Drive with Help from Our Driving School in Bridgwater, Somerset

Learn to drive and change your life forever at our driving school. Situated in Bridgwater, Somerset, Learn with Vern offers driving lessons for beginners. This is a rite of passage and is often seen as one of the biggest opportunities in your life. Once you've obtained your licence, the possibilities are endless.

Driving Lessons for Beginners

Getting behind the wheel for the first time is both daunting and exciting. We've put together a few reasons why the first steps you to take to learning to drive are often seen as the most important.

• During your first lesson, you'll be taken to a quiet location.
• We'll help you to get relaxed and make sure you're ready to start before setting off.
• We'll explain everything to you every step of the way.

Setting an Overall Objective

When you choose Learn with Vern, our objective is to make sure that you become a safe and confident driver. Not only is this key to passing your test, but it will help you greatly when you have your licence and go off on your own. Being safe behind the wheel means:

• Obeying the Highway Code
• Driving with the Attitude of a Safe Driver
• Keeping the Car Under Control
• Looking out for and Avoiding Hazards

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Particular Places to be Safe

It goes without saying; whenever you're behind the wheel, you must be safe. However, there are certain places that are stand-out places to be safe, including:

• While Doing a Left Reverse • Turning Right at a Roundabout • Driving through Rush-Hour Traffic

Contact us today, in Bridgwater, Somerset, so that you can learn to drive at our driving school.

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